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A lasting marriage is when two people promise to love each other through the good times and the bad, the triumphs and setbacks. Here are some tips that a couple can do to achiever their goals.

1. Marriage is about a couple dealing with all problems together. The couple has to be open and honest with one another since often these problems affect both of them.

2. There will be things that may not be of interest to only one person. But by being open minded and showing some enthusiasm, it will always be a game for two.

3. A partner will not always share the same views about certain issues. Should conflict arise, one should respect the opinion of the other regarding the matter and try to understand the point of view of the other person.

4. When special occasions are not been celebrated as elaborately as they once were, it would be nice to surprise your partner with flowers and gifts from time to time. This does not have to happen just at Christmas, and birthdays or anniversaries but just for the sake of doing surprising your partner.

5. Fights happen sometimes over the smallest things. The couple should resolve these quickly, preferably before going to bed. If possible the issue should not be revisited.

6. One should always be proud of his or her partner. This can be done by telling others things that the other partner has accomplished and how proud you are of those accomplishments.

7. Participate in activities such as sports or hobbies that both people enjoy. You should make time for getting more and more intimate with one another. Sex is a key element that keeps the marriage alive since this is something both can enjoy.

8. There is only so much that two people can do to make the marriage work. Both should pray and ask for guidance from God to be able to face the challenges ahead and be thankful for the gifts and blessings that the almighty has bestowed on them.

Marriage is not the day that's celebrated when two individuals became a couple. It is what happens in the succeeding days and years when both have to work hard to succeed in their partnership.


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