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Some new scrappers who aren't sure how to start creating their own scrapbook pages can search the internet for available materials. They may encounter some websites offering tips on where to buy scrapbooking materials, but they may have a hard time looking for websites that offer a step-by-step guide in creating a scrapbook page.

The reason for this is because designing or layouting scrapbook pages, or any page for that matter takes a lot of time and effort. Most designers have studied the basic principles of design, but have practiced the craft for several years before gaining the skills and confidence to create beautiful pages.

For the uninitiated, here are the principles of design:

x) Balance There are two types, formal and informal. You can attain informal balance by tricking the eye. An example of this would be putting a dark-hued small item on one side of the page and a large, light-hued item on the other side.

x) Gradation Though normally used in painting, gradation is the variation in color according to light. This can be used to create interest in an object.

x) Repetition Similar to gradation repetition and variation adds interest to a subject.

x) Contrast Adding contrast means putting opposing elements next to each other. Again, this creates drama or interest. When you decide to use contrast you need to take note that putting contrasting items too far away from each other, or scattered on the page, can be distracting.

x) Harmony Harmony pertains to the cohesiveness in a page due to the combination of similar elements. Using adjacent colors on the color wheel, or similar designs or shapes can contribute to the harmony of the elements in a design.

x) Dominance Dominance is the element that is added for emphasis. When a dominant point is created, it adds visual interest and breaks the monotony.

x) Unity Unity is the cohesiveness of a design. All the other aspects of design should be considered in order to create a unified design.

It takes years of practice before you will be able to master the seven principles of design. In the meantime, there are several websites that provide ready-made designs for people who are relatively new in scrapbooking.

The pages may be in die-cut sheets that customers can cut out after downloading and printing, or they may be custom-design stickers that can be ordered online. It is also a good idea for beginners to check magazine advertisements in order to gather ideas for scrapbooking.


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